Palaygo wins National Senior Award!

Palaygo project won a National Senior Award at the "9th Kids Design Award" in Japan on 3rd August 2015 among the largest number of entries ever (474). 


Palaygo came within the top 20 of all the entries, and for Children’s Learning and Understanding Category, was ranked 3rd place as Encouragement Award/KD Chairman Award only after the top Prime Minister’s and the Excellence Awards.


National kids award

The assessment committee comprised of experts from various fields gave the following reason for the award: 


 “This (online) English learning program is based on email and English sentence construction which is a high quality communication model where users can recognize difference in cultures and ways of thinking through exchange. By making English construction easy, it will also make it easier to convey and respond to others based on their real feelings. We have assessed this service to be a futuristic system for language communication and global studies.”


*Kids Design Award is backed by the Japan's Ministry for Economics, Trade & Industry and Consumer Affairs Agency and run by Kids Design Committee, a not for profit accredited by the Cabinet Office of Japan. The award chooses products that have been developed to contribute to kids safety, creativeness and future learning etc.